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Buku bertajuk The Eyes of Darkness tulisan oleh Dean Koontz terbitan tahun 1981 oleh Pocket Books, New York, USA, sebenarnya telah pun meramalkan tragedi Corona Virus sebagai senjata kimia yang merebak dari makmal pada tahun 2020 dengan nama Wuhan 400. Lebih 30 tahun lalu telah ditulis. Adakah ini suatu kebetulan atau satu perancangan si mata satu ???

Siapakah Dean Koontz ?

Apakah itu Freemason ?


07 Mar, 2020 - ded1

Hey ya,

It's been quite some time i haven't update any shit here, coz life & business is so hectic and i was like running everywhere. So much things to cope and will update you guys with something in couple days. Aight ?

29 Jan, 2016 - ded1


I'm having excessive cash flow on me for the past few months for something good (i guess?). Yeah, earned money have to be spend to boost the economy and feed the dickhead politicians like what we have today, take a look around pimpin'. I'm gettin' some gadgets recently; macbook pro running on leopard OS X, HTC desire HD & misc stuff. Thanks to late mr Steve Jobs for his creation based on FreeBSD UNIX kernel. HTC is another cool smartphone running on Android based on opensource Linux. I was nearly faint seeing the feature and software support for it, it's hell lot of stuff and you might abandon PC / laptop one fine day.

I Repaint the car to viper green using Dupont paint and clearcoat using Glasurit at some nice-homeboy-painter at their workshop in Sungai Buloh, changing all the rubber on all the door and window and tint the car with 3M at Subang Jaya. The paint job done by that tiny old workshop kinda good, the cost is wayyyyyyyyyy BETTER than the workshop around Puchong/Kajang/KL area. I love the shine of the best Glasurit that i choose based on recommendation and Dupont is one of the best automotive paint in the world and they paint the Kamaz truck Rally Paris Dakar !!

I wish i got some freelance job to cover back all these "lost".

I got some new project recently, doing an animal documentary. It's all started when i got inspiration from National Geography & Animal Planet shoot on animal. So i start my own with help from friends at Sungkai, Perak. My first documentary is to cover on Red Jungle Fowl (gallus gallus) which from family Pheasant. I went with to to the nearby jungle & oil palm plantation. The path and the trip was thrill, fun just to spot the wild cock/hen playground. I'm amaze with the guy doing trapping. I think i have to go with them maybe 5/6 times to complete the whole documentary. I have to do homework on how to produce a good documentary with proper storyboard and getting nice angle of the shoot. Hopefully can be done using cheapo Sony handycam. No worry, it's Carl Zeiss lens !!

23 Dec, 2011 - ded1

This is the ticket for soccer match between Malaysia vs Singapore a.k.a. Temasik tonight at stadium Bukit Jalil which for qualifying World Cup 2014. If ya' dare enough, come down & kick kiasu's ASS big time !! KIASU MUST DIE MUTHAFUKKA !!! I hope we malaysian soccer fans may become racist + hooligans like the fans in Europe with tons of chaos, flares, smoke bomb and become really obsess & paranoia !!! WOOOOOOOOOOOHhhOOOOOOOO

28 Jul, 2011 - ded1

  • Pigeon breeding...

I just started breeding pigeon like 2 months or so, it's the breed from Belgium racing homer and feral pigeon (which is slightly slim & smaller). Pigeon is one of the good animal which have instinct know-how-to-go-back-home which some researcher/scientist claim they're using magnetic field & sun compass to find the route back to the owner loft. In UK / Europe / USA, they organize a sports called pigeon racing & attract people all over the states to participate.

They mark the pigeon leg with rubber band, inventoried, deliver the birds with truck to unfamiliar place like 1000miles away from the loft & release right after that. All the released pigeon will fly to their own loft (some may gone missing/trap/death/MIA) Because of great financial rewards, this sport attract so many people with huge investment (on diet, loft, maintenance, breed, R&D, time, etc). In the late 1800s there were races in regularly in the USA, Belgium, Holland and Great Britain.

The homing pigeon (racing pigeon breed) is a specifically bred variety of pigeon, not the same such as the feral pigeons which dwell in most cities (include Kuala Lumpur; you can see it along Lebuh Ampang, nearby Petaling street, backyard of Al-Bukhari mosque Jalan Hang Tuah, backyard of Indian Temple in Batu Caves). A racing pigeon is the product of several cross breeding from different varieties of domestic pigeons which were then subjected to training and racing.

26 Jul, 2011 - ded1

  • Kelebihan / khasiat susu kambing untuk manusia

- Di dalam riwayat-riwayat sahih tentang kehidupan Nabi Muhammad saw dan sahabat-sahabatnya kita temui kisah mereka meminum susu kambing, dan bukan susu lembu.
- Ia merupakan susu terbaik selepas susu ibu.
- Tiada alahan.
- menguatkan sistem imunisasi badan anda
- Kandungan alkali tinggi
- Meningkatkan daya kepekaaan, tumpuan dan ingatan
- Melancarkan sistem penghadaman dan usus
- Mengubati kanser, demam kuning, gastrik, ulser, asma (lelah), penyakit kulit dan sukar tidur
- Merawat sengugut, darah tinggi, lemah jantung, kencing manis, batuk kering dan gout
- Dapat mengimbangi kadar gula dalam darah dan kolestrol
- Memberi kekuatan jisim tubuh yang sihat (tulang, gigi, otot, sendi, kulit dan tisu saraf)
- Untuk tenaga batin
- Akhir sekali untuk awet muda

26 Jul, 2011 - ded1